Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Low Platelets

KK's platelet count was too low to move forward with treatment today. The low platelet count explains the fatigue that she has been experiencing -- moving slower than normal, sleeping later, needing a nap mid-morning, even sleeping in the middle of the noisy waiting room at Jimmy Fund.

We will go back to Dana Farber on Friday for another blood draw. If her platelet count is high enough, she will receive the Avastin infusion and will begin the 5 days of Temozolomide. If it is not high enough, we will probably go back to Boston some time next week to try again. If the platelet count drops too much more, KK may have to have a platelet transfusion.

It is not ideal to postpone treatment, so KK's team will assess whether or not to lower the dosage of Temozolomide.

KK saw that I was struggling a bit today. She sweetly reminded me that she is doing good and God is healing her.

On a positive note, the nurse practitioner (who we didn't get to see on Brain Tumor Clinic day) said that Dr. Manley was very happy with the results of the MRI two weeks ago. I got that impression when he met with us, but it was good to hear it again!


Melissa Blevins said...

God continue to pour strength and grace and love into KK and Tanya daily situations. Wrap your loving arms around them and show YOURSELF STRONG TO THEM THIS DAY.

Judy Bleau said...

She is so sweet to remind you :-) Love to both of you, and praying that God is indeed healing her body and will grant wisdom for treatments. May you feel peace in this storm.

Auntie wendy said...

God is good! I am sorry to hear of this delay and hope things progress by tomorrow on a positive way. Much love to you both!

Heidi Peterson said...

The parent prayer group prayed for KK this morning. We will keep it up. Thank you, Tanya, so much for keeping us all updated this way. We love you both!