Friday, June 5, 2015

Shunt Failure PTSD

KK has been tired good spirits, but tired.  As she was laying her head on my shoulder while waiting for radiation, she had me look at her head because it felt "weird".  I looked at the shunt area and thought, "Oh no...two symptoms".  I told KK that I was going to get one of the nurses in the other room to look at it.

KK started crying; I tried not to panic.

The nurse came over to look at it.  She was unsure if something was wrong since this was not her specialty.  She said we should have neurosurgery look at it since we were in Boston.

KK cried a little more; I tried not to panic.

The radiation therapist came to get her at that moment, so she was still crying a bit as she got on the table.  The therapists asked if she wanted to wait a minute.  KK took a breath and said she was ready for radiation.  (Gotta love her courage!)

I called neurosurgery while she received her treatment.  They told us to come over when we were done and the resident on call would take a look.  I got a wheelchair and we were off.

KK prayed as I wheeled her through the halls and over to Children's.

When the resident looked at the shunt, he said it looked fine and that we were probably noticing differences because the swelling around the shunt has diminished and we were "seeing" it through her skin for the first time.  (This particular resident thinks I panic too easily.  Where's the resident who thinks I'm strong when I need him?)

KK and I praised God in the same halls we had just prayed in as we went back to Brigham and Women's.


Pam Brady said...

You are both very brave. May the Lord hold your hearts in the Palm of His hand. Blessings!

Susan said...

I'm glad you had it check it rather than worrying all weekend. Praising God that all is still well with the shunt and you are home for the weekend!

Terri said...

Praying for you both as you "do the next thing" each day. One moment at a time...

Heidi Peterson said...

Always better to check - you are still KK's best advocate. And I agree, you are both incredibly courageous! I admire you greatly.