Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's (possibly) a girl!

I spoke to my social worker between Backyard Clubs this afternoon. There is a 6 year old little girl in need of permanent placement. She is LEGALLY FREE for adoption! I am going to speak with her social worker later tonight to find out more information. If it looks like we would be a good "match", she could be placed with me by mid-August! (I have to point out that this would be 9 months from the time the process began...too funny!)

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Debbie Kilgour said...

Hi Tanya, It's wonderful to read your blog and see God holding your hand and guiding you through this process! When you first shared your desire to adopt, my first thought was a "girl". So I'm not surprised to hear this news! I thought the 9 month references was a scream! God does have a sense of humor! Keep us posted! And remember God's timing is perfect!
Praying for you! Love, Debbie